Treatment of hemorrhoids the natural way

The modern lifestyle has turned hemorrhoids from a disease that has been identified as an adult disease to a disease that affects the entire population, including young people. Despite this, most people find it difficult to identify whether they are suffering from hemorrhoids, or rupture and avoid receiving proper treatment that will alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

What are the causes of hemorrhoids?

There are many and varied reasons for the appearance of hemorrhoids and most of them are due to our modern lifestyle.

Stress causes hemorrhoids

Symptoms of stress and pressure that accompany life in Israel are a direct cause of a range of diseases and symptoms, including hemorrhoids. Stress upsets the balance in the body, causing digestive problems and an increase in blood pressure. All of these cause piles to appear or worsen.

Prolonged sitting causes hemorrhoids

Most of us work in static work, sitting in front of a computer or in front of a desk. The sitting position is not natural to the human body and creates great pressure on the buttock area. Sitting also prevents blood flow and also weakens the muscles in the area. All of these cause hemorrhoids to worsen. The worst place to sit for a long time is the toilet which creates even greater pressure on the area.

Pregnancy and childbirth aggravate hemorrhoids

Most pregnant women suffer from hemorrhoids before and after childbirth. The reasons are pregnancy hormones, muscle weakness, pelvic floor pressure and stress in childbirth itself. The phenomenon can not be completely prevented, but it is certainly possible to alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids in pregnancy. Click here to read more about treating hemorrhoids in pregnancy.

Great physical exertion causes hemorrhoids

Today there is a great awareness of the importance of regular exercise. However, uncontrolled activity, especially lifting heavy weights, can cause hemorrhoids to appear. Combat soldiers also suffer from the appearance of hemorrhoids after physical exertion.

Fast and industrial food causes hemorrhoids

Eating low-fiber foods, eating industrial and unhealthy foods, consuming too much alcohol and coffee, all cause irregularities in the digestive system and the appearance of hemorrhoids. Click here for more information on dietary fiber and hemorrhoids.

Aging is also accompanied by hemorrhoid symptoms

Even if we adhere to a healthy lifestyle, age gives its signals and as we get older natural processes cause digestive problems, exertion and the appearance of hemorrhoids.

How to eliminate hemorrhoids naturally

Treating hemorrhoids the natural way means changing lifestyle habits. There are some simple tips that you can apply every day to relieve hemorrhoid symptoms and generally improve your health.

Maintaining a balanced and healthy routine of sports activities that have a positive effect on all body systems, including intestinal motility.

Beyond a rich and healthy diet is mainly based on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Here you can read about a high-fiber diet.

Drink plenty of water that cleanses all the systems in the body. Here you can read about the benefits of drinking water.

Maintaining a balanced and stress-free lifestyle, including maintaining proper breathing alone can lower blood pressure.

Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine, sugars and spicy and fried foods.

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